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Rural Exodus Undermines Food Security
BUENOS AIRES—In Latin America and the Caribbean, which account for 12 per cent of the planet’s arable land, and one-third of its fresh water reserves, a number of factors contribute to soil degradation and to a rural exodus that compromises food security in a not-so-unlikely future.   These figures, and the warning,
Source Fabiana Frayssinet, Inter Press Service (22 June 2017)
Trump`s Budget: Homeless in the USA
If approved by [the United States] Congress, this budget would make massive cuts to Medicaid and welfare programs. It would drive millions of people off food stamps, with a 25 percent cut to a program that provides a vital lifeline to accessing food for some 42 million Americans, many of
Source Oakland Institute (14 June 2017)
NUA Reporting in 2018 Crucial
2018 reporting period will prove critical for New Urban Agenda, advocates say         Labels NAIROBI—Although 2017 is not yet halfway over, advocates for the New Urban Agenda on sustainable cities already are looking to next year as critical for embedding the agreement aims among national governments.   That’s because the recent Habitat III conference set
Source Gregory Scruggs, Citiscope (11 May 2017)
Al Haq Announces 3rd Summer School
Al Haq, a HIC Member organization in Palestine, has announced its third International Law Summer School for international post-graduate law students and legal researchers in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine on 08 August - 22 August 2017.   The fourteen-day summer school offers a curriculum covering the following topics:   • Al Haq’s mandate and
Source (02 May 2017)
UNESCO Denounces Jerusalem Occupation
On Israel’s Independence Day, the executive board of the UN education, science and cultural agency slams Israel for “persistent excavations, tunneling, works and projects in East Jerusalem” and calls on the occupying power to end projects aimed at altering “character and status of the Holy City.”         UNESCO`s executive board has passed
Source Al Jazeera (02 May 2017)
Turkish Govt. Seizes All Diyarbakır Churches
The Turkish government has seized six Christian churches in the eastern city of Diyarbakır.       President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has taken control of six churches in the war-torn southeastern city of Diyarbakır in his latest move to squash freedom of speech and religious movement.    The state-sanctioned seizure is just the latest in a
Source Nick Gutteridge, Daily Express (London) (22 April 2017)
Panel Probes Confusion over NUA Implementation
Panel’s formation marks turning point in confusion over New Urban Agenda (NUA) implementation and monitoring     Almost six months after the United Nations adopted a new 20-year urbanization strategy, UN Secretary General António Guterres this week made his first official pronouncement on cities.   As part of the ongoing effort to reshape how urban issues
Source Gregory Scruggs, CItiscope (13 April 2017)
Dangerous Liaisons: French Banks & Israeli Colonies
Report reveals links between five French banks and insurance companies and the Israeli settlements     PARIS—Several organisations (Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq) are publishing a report today on French banks’ dangerous liaisons with the Israeli settlement enterprise. The report highlights
Source Association France Palestine Solidarité, CCFD - Terre Solidaire, Fair Finance France, FIDH, LDH, Solidaires, CGT and Al-Haq (27 March 2017)
New Landless Constituency
The number of people considered landless number in the hundreds of millions across all                regions. In India, for example, as many as 307 million rural people are considered landless. In Bangladesh, almost 4.5 million are landless. Landless People`s Movement of South Africa is composed of rural people and people
Source Hic-HLRN (23 March 2017)
UN Official Quits over Israeli "Apartheid" Report
A new report of the UN Economic and Social Council for Western Asia (ESCWA) has analyzed the institutionalized material discrimination that Israel practices against the Palestinian people as a form of apartheid. While this analysis is not new and has been upheld by numerous legal scholars, as well as UN
Source HIC-HLRN (18 March 2017)


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