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Vote for your favorite Transformative City
You can now cast up to four votes on your favorite examples of transformation in areas of water, energy, housing and food systems for the Transformative Cities Award 2019.
Source (09-16-2019)
Stop forced eviction of residents of Wxlacodji beach community in Cotonou
In the end of July, 2019, multiple visits by official delegations from the mayor's office, the prefecture, and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development warned these communities of imminent eviction without any real details or meaningful information.
Source (09-10-2019)
HIC General Assembly meeting 2019
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) convokes its Annual General Assembly to be held online on October 10th 2019.
Source (09-10-2019)
HIC President Election 2019: Extension of deadline for candidates’ nomination
The Electoral Committee (EC) Members are conducting the process for the election of the next HIC President for the 2019-2023 mandate.
Source (09-04-2019)
Call to nominate candidates for HIC President 2019-2023
Source Electoral Committee for President Elections 2019 (08-19-2019)
Electoral Committee set up
Source (08-08-2019)
One week extension of deadline to volunteer for President EC set up
The process for HIC's Presidential elections starts with the setting-up of the Electoral Committee whcih oversees the process
Source (08-05-2019)
Call for session proposals for the 19th International Observatory on Participatory Democracy(IOPD) conference in Iztapalapa, Mexico
The idea is to organize the event in a participative and collaborative way, with all the spaces (discussion panels organized by thematic axis, territorial panels of experience exchange, utopia workshops, art-debate and networking sessions) open to the collective construction that emerges from third-party proposals.
Source OIDP (07-23-2019)
HIC issues open Letter to UN leadership concerning the neglect of the Treaty Body System
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is profoundly concerned to learn of the postponement or cancellation of some Treaty Body sessions already scheduled for 2019, as well as the possible reduction of future sessions due to funding delays and states’ underfunding.
Source (07-02-2019)
Launch of Electoral Process for the HIC President 2019-2023
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is pleased to announce the Launch of the Electoral Process for the HIC President. The current term of HIC President will expire at the end of November 2019. The next four-year term will run from end of 2019 through end of 2023.
Source (07-02-2019)

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