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HIC convokes its Annual General Assembly 2018
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We invite all HIC Members, Friends and Allies to participate in the annual General Assembly meeting 2018.

Date: Wednesday December 12, 2018 Check your local time here

Important notes: This General Assembly will be hold online; a computer or smartphone with microphone and speakers and a stable internet connection is required. The technical details will be sent in the following weeks. The meeting is expected to last two hours.

Habitat International Coalition (HIC) convokes its Annual General Assembly 2018

We invite all HIC Members, Friends and Allies to participate in the online 2018 General Assembly meeting. HIC General Assembly is an open event and HIC Members are encouraged to invite other partners to join the meeting. Even though the meeting will be hold online, participation confirmation is needed.

The voting procedures of this General Assembly will be extended four weeks to ensure that all Members with the right to vote have enough time to review the proposals and exercise their right to vote by e-mail. We would like to remind HIC Members that it is necessary to renew your membership in order to vote in the General Assembly meeting. Please make sure to send your list of contributions before November 28 2018 at 11:59pm GMT or pay the membership fees before December 11 2018 at 11:59pm GMT.

In order to make sure that your organization has the right to vote, please contact Marie at marie@hic-net.org.

If you are unable to participate in the meeting online, a proxy may be given to another HIC member with the right to vote and able to participate online. Click here to download the proxy form, and be sure to fill it out and send it to the General Secretariat before December 5th 2018.

Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly Meeting (draft)

Important note: as this will be an online meeting, all contributions and questions must be short and ideally sent in advance to the HIC General Secretariat (gs@hic-net.org) so they can be translated into English, Spanish and French.

  1. Welcome by HIC President.

  2. Approval of this agenda and of the meeting minutes of the last General Assembly meeting in Nairobi 2017 (the voting will be done before the GA and revised during the online meeting).

  3. Reports of Coordination Offices (HIC AL, HIC MENA, HIC SSA, HIC SA, HIC HLRN and HIC GS).

  4. Financial Statements: presentation and approval (all documents will be distributed before the meeting).

  5. Member´s contributions and open debate on HIC achievements and challenges.

  6. Other.

  7. Closure and next General Assembly (2019).

Please send any proposals for motions to debate during the General Assembly to gs@hic-net.org.

For any further information, contact us at gs@hic-net.org


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