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Nick Volk, a life-long supporter and friend of HIC, passed away
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Source: HIC-GS

We are very sorry to report that Nick Volk passed away on 09 August.

Nick was a restless fighter for social justice and the right to housing, a life-long supporter and friend of Habitat International Coalition.

Following his role as representative of Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, and after representing the North American Region in the HIC Board between January 2008 and December 2011, Nick became HIC Friend in 2006 and kept on making very valuable contributions to the broader Coalition. He participated in numerous HIC global events (Cairo 2005, Vancouver 2006, Barcelona 2008, Nanjin 2008, Cairo 2009, Belem 2009, Rio 2010) and he also volunteered for the Electoral Committees of the 2013 and 2017 HIC-NAM elections; Nick's contributions were always very much appreciated.

We are very honoured to be his friends and have worked close to him for the rights related to habitat.

Go well dear friend.

"Find a need. Ask what you can do to help. And do it." Nick Volk.

*For more about Nick’s life, click here


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