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An invitation to enter the World Habitat Awards 2017-18
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Source: Building and Social Housing Foundation

Over the years, a large range of excellent habitat projects were identified in the countries of the global North and the global South. These projects of different sizes and shapes tackle a wide range of housing issues. From the very beginning, the focus has been not only on the identification of good housing practices but also in the sharing of knowledge and experience to others who can transfer them in their own situations.

Every year two outstanding housing projects are selected as winners of the World Habitat Awards.Entries are now open for the 2017-18 awards. We are looking for housing projects and approaches which:

  • demonstrate practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to current housing issues faced by countries all around the world
  • can be transferred or adapted for use as appropriate
  • are already being implemented or are completed, i.e. not at design stage or very early stages of development
  • view the term habitat from a broad perspective and bring other benefits as well, such as energy or water saving, income generation, social inclusion, community and individual empowerment, health benefits, capacity building or education.

The winning projects will receive a £10,000 prize and international recognition for their achievementsalong with the chance to attend an award ceremony at a global UN event in 2018.

All entries must be received by 1 March 2017.

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