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Invitation to comment on the Habitat III Policy Paper Frameworks
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Source: HIC-GS

Send your comments about the HIII Policy Paper Frameworks no later than January 25th.

HIC continues to fight for the basic principles that must be taken into account in the preparations for the Third United Nation's Housing and Sustainable Urban Development Conference (Habitat III) to take place in Quito in October 2016. These basic and inter-related principles include:

1. A comprehensive evaluation of the commitments made at Habitat II (1996);

2. Human rights and democratic governance approaches must continue to anchor and guide global human settlement policy and corresponding commitments;

3. A Habitat Agenda that ensures balanced rural and urban development for all, as agreed at Habitat I (1976), and not only UN-Habitat’s own "urban” agenda in Habitat III (2016).

4. An open process that encourages and ensures the participation of everyone, ensuring a proper representation of all constituencies.

As part of the process towards the elaboration of the so called New Urban Agenda, the Habitat III Policy Units Experts Groups* have submitted ten Policy Paper Frameworks**. United Nations member states and accredited stakeholders are invited to transmit written comments on the Policy Paper Frameworks no later than 31 January 2016. Comments by member states as well as accredited stakeholders will be published online, and be considered as a contribution to the policy level process towards the Conference.

HIC will submit written comments to the ten Policy Paper Frameworks of the so called New Urban Agenda on January 31st. We kindly ask Members, friends and allies to send their comments about any of these documents to gs@hic-net.org no later than January 25th. We'll then translate and summarize the answers which will be submitted before the deadline. Unfortunately, the Policy Paper Frameworks are only available in English.

(*)The Habitat III Policy Units Experts Groups are composed of a maximum of 20 experts each, bringing together individual experts from a variety of fields, including academia, government, civil society and other regional and international bodies. The Policy Units are co-led by two international organizations in collaboration with the Habitat III Secretariat.

(**)Policy Units are intended to identify challenges, policy priorities and critical issues as well as development of action-oriented recommendations for implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The issues and policy recommendations addressed by each Policy Unit will serve as technical inputs for Member States’ consideration in the preparation of the outcome document of the Conference.

Your participation is very important!


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