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Questionnaire. Habitat International Coalition (HIC) and the Habitat III process
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Source: HIC-GS

Dear Members, Friends and Allies of Habitat International Coalition:

On the roadmap to the Habitat 3 Conference and the new Agenda that will emerge from it, HIC keeps on fighting for what we consider basic principles:

1. A comprehensive evaluation of the commitments made at Habitat II (1996).

2. The human rights and good governance approaches must guide global human settlements policies and corresponding commitments.

3. A Habitat Agenda (not confined to urban) that ensures balanced rural and urban development for all, as agreed at Habitat I (1976).

4. An open process that encourages the participation of everyone and that ensures proper representation of all stakeholders.

The Members of the Coalition have defended these principles during​​ the Preparatory Committees (New York and Nairobi), in international (such as WUFs or WSFs), regional and national events, through joint declarations, supporting other initiatives and preparing documents in several languages ​​to encourage participation and bring the voice of everyone to the process. In the coming months, the discussion will be global and to define our strategy we would like to better understand your work and the work of your organization, know how you are facing the Habitat III process and hear your suggestions. The year 2016 is also important for the Coalition for two other issues: HIC's 40th anniversary and the consolidation of the Global Platform for the Right to the City. Your participation and your ideas are vital to the success of these initiatives, reason why we have included two specific questions in the questionnaire.

Your responses will help us knowing you and your organization better and to plan a stronger advocacy strategy for Habitat III.

To access the questionnaire please click here.

Your comments will help us to draft reports and statements for the World Habitat Day. Please, send your answers before September 23th 2015. In any case, the questionnaire will be open after this date.

To learn more, please visit the following websites:

HIC Housing and Land Rights Network - HLRN.

HIC Global Site.

HIC's blog "Expectations for Habitat III".

Results of the questionnaire launched in January 2015.

We thank you in advance for your time and dedication


Habitat International Coalition
General Secretariat