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Today starts the International Meeting on the Right to the City
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From 12th-14th of November, 2014
City of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Email: eidc@polis.org.br
Phone number: (55) 11 2174 6814

12h of November:
Address: University of São Paulo (USP) Law School’s Grand Hall
Largo São Francisco, 95 – Centro, São Paulo – SP, CEP: 01005-010
Phone: (11) 3111-4000

13th and 14th of November
Address: San Raphael Hotel
Largo do Arouche,150, Centro – 01219-903,São Paulo – SP,Brasil
Phone: (11) 3334-6000

The International Meeting on the Right to the City aims to foster global and local debates on tools and strategies in order to implement the right to the city. The meeting will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from November 12th–14th.The event is free of charge and registration is available on the website:


Participants will help to build a Global Platform on The Right to the City that enhances principles, themes, commitments, goals and indicators. This platform will be presented during the debates on the Post 2015 Development Agenda at the United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Development (Habitat III),as well as before global and regional systems for the protection of human rights.

ACommon Agenda for Action, Articulation and Social Mobilization will also be created in order to strengthen the international movement for the right to the city and for the acknowledgment of this right by United Nations institutions and local and international governments.

Among the confirmed speakers are academics and experts, social leaders and public authorities of the following countries: India, Egypt, South Africa, South Korea, Portugal, United States, Germany, England, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

The meeting is divided into four main topics: 1. Human Rights in the Cities; 2. Participatory and Democratic Governance in the Cities; 3. Urbanization, Sustainable Use of the Territory and Social Inclusion and 4. Social Inclusion and Economic Development in the Cities. Workshops and debates for each of these topics are also included in the schedule.

To register, please visit the meeting’s website:


*Click below to see the full schedule: http://www.righttothecityplatform.org.br/programacao/?lang=en

* To download the full PDF, please click here.

12h of November:Address: University of São Paulo (USP) Law School’s Grand HallLargo São Francisco, 95 – Centro, São Paulo – SP, CEP: 01005-010Phone: (11) 3111-4000
13th and 14th of November:Address: San Raphael HotelLargo do Arouche,150, Centro – 01219-903, São Paulo – SP, BrasilPhone: (11) 3334-6000

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