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Preparatory Commitee 1 for Habitat III
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HIC was involved in several initiatives to lobby for civil society to take a key role in discussions (such as Habitat I and II), in order for the Right to the City to be considered in the New World Urban Agenda that will emerge from Habitat III, as well as to remind the Conference of the existing continuum between rural and urban areas. HIC participated in the Civil Society Planning Committee for Habitat III, as well as the Preparatory Committee, which met in New York in September 2014.


1. Preparatory Committee 1: September 17-18, Docs: Information note for participants at PrepCom 1,Guidelines for side event organizers

2. HIC Side Event Application Form at Prep Comm I

3. Habitat III Orientation Agenda by Habitat III Civil Society Working Group,Invitation to participate in a Civil Society Partners’ Orientation for Habitat III Prep Com I

4. Paralell event: Roundtable-Right to the City for All

5. Open Consultation with Dr. Joan Clos



a. Notas: Eventos de Hábitat III, 17 septiembre

b. Notas: Eventos Hábitat III 16 septiembre


a. Minutes: Habitat III Events, September 17th

b. Minutes: Habitat III Preparatory Events September 16th

c. Statement of Habitat International Coalition. Before the Second Session of the First Meeting of the PrepComm for Habitat III

d. Video: The Preparatory Committee for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) (Watch to see HIC’s contribution, represented by Michael Kane in the second meeting (at 2:45:00)).

e. Habitat III Orientation Report

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