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Call to participate in the working group "Habitat III"
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Source: HIC-GS

Habitat III is the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to take place in 2016 (location to be arranged). HIC is involved in several initiatives to lobby for civil society to take a key role in discussions (such as Habitat I and II), in order for the Right to the City to be considered in the New World Urban Agenda that will emerge from Habitat III, as well as to remind the Conference of the existing continuum between rural and urban areas. HIC also currently participates in the Civil Society Planning Committee for Habitat III, as well as the Preparatory Committee, which will meet in New York in mid-September 2014.

It is important that every Member, Friend, Wisdom Keeper, Board Member and HIC staff member that is willing to participate in this process joins the working group "Habitat III”. We will welcome any form of contribution, such as active participation, documents or proposals.

The planning for the World Habitat Day will be one of the tasks of this Working Group; this might be focused on disseminating Civil Society Expectations on Habitat III. There is a proposal already created in this regard by allies and members in Mexico.

We have prepared a blog https://habitat3hic.wordpress.com/ to share general information and promote the discussion of ideas. The main language is English but you will also find information in Spanish.

Your contributions are very important!

E-mail us to gs@hic-net.org if you want to join this working group.


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