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Women for the City Campaign
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Source: Red Mujer y Hábitat

A campaign being carried out by the UNIFEM (part of UN Women) Regional Programme “Citis without violence against women, safe cities for all”, with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and implemented by the Red Mujer y Hábitat of Latin America.


In Latin America, insecurity affects the life plans of thousands of women who have the right to study, work, mobility, develop, and enjoy a full social and political life.

Through this first experiment, the “Women for the City” campaign aims for more women to gain awareness and engage with governments to ensure that good urban conditions are present to eliminate dangers.

Follow us, participate, and share your thoughts and ideas; because living in a safe city that respects your vital freedoms is nothing more, nothing less, than your right.


To learn more about this urban experiment to raise awareness of women’s rights, please click here.

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