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HIC launches publication on World Habitat Day commemorating more than 40 years of struggle for Social Justice
Date published: 10-01-2018

Dear African Members of Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Receive the warm regards of the Electoral Committee (EC) Members that are conducting the process for the election of the next Representative for Africa at the HIC Board for 2018-2022. After a break, we are now resuming the electoral process. We apologize for the delay in the process, the 3 month interruption is due to a long debate aiming to solve a dissention within the Electoral Committee in the lecture and...

Date published: 07-17-2018
This Conference will feature a discussion of the role of cities in the High Level Political Forum 2018 as well as the G20 in preparation of the Urban 20 (U20) this October in Buenos Aires.

Date published: 07-13-2018
"Leaving no one behind: Sharing Major Groups and other Stakeholders good practices for an inclusive implementation of the 2030 Agenda”

Date published: 07-12-2018
HIC shall be implementing its project, Asserting Peoples Habitat Rights at All Levels between 2018-2020. The project is supporting the work of two HIC teams, the HIC General Secretariat (HIC GS) and the HIC Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC HLRN).

Date published: 07-03-2018
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