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Date published: 03-23-2017

USA: Tenants Mobilize for 2018 People`s Budget
Source: National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT)
In the United States, the 2016 Democratic Party Platform featured stronger-than-ever language that seemed to embrace most of these substantive recommendations National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) proposed that year: increased funding for vouchers, public housing repairs, fair housing, although without specific dollar recommendations. In preparing for the upcoming national budgeting process, NAHT argues that the 2018 Peoples Budget should be at least as strong and progressive as the...

Date published: 02-21-2017
Call to support the mobilisation against a new presidential act that intends to dismantle the regulations for land regularization in Brazil.

Date published: 02-16-2017
Source: the organizersSince more than a decade, the southern district of Grenoble are at the heart of a broad urban change. The cours de l'Europe is getting densifying, a new Flaubert neighborhood is being built up while the emblematic Villeneuve popular district is under a urban renewal. This projects have been limited by the Great Recession (2007-2010) and also the inhabitants in Villeneuve have struggled against urban project imposed on them. Amid the Popular Urbanism Workshop (APU)...

Date published: 02-09-2017
An invitation to enter the World Habitat Awards 2017-18
Source: Building and Social Housing Foundation
Over the years, a large range of excellent habitat projects were identified in the countries of the global North and the global South. These projects of different sizes and shapes tackle a wide range of housing issues. From the very beginning, the focus has been not only on the identification of good housing practices but also in the sharing of knowledge and experience to others who can transfer them in their own situations.

Date published: 02-06-2017
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