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The HIC General Secretariat Team wishes you a Happy new year 2019.
Date published: 12-19-2018

Report of HIC President, Davinder Lamba, for the term in office (2007-2011) It is with pleasure that I present the report as the HIC President, for my four-year term in office, which commenced in August 2007. I have compiled the report by using the HIC Positions Descriptions set of reporting documents (HIC-GS/AS/JN/DI/06SEPT2007). The set includes documents for HIC President, and Board Members, Thematic Coordinators, Focal Points and General Secretary. The report...

Date published: 06-20-2011
Arpilleras are well-known works of Chilean popular art. During the years of the dictatorship, it wasnt just artisans that expressed themselves this way, but also political prisoners and their families. It could be said then that arpilleras are a special communication tool, through which strong feelings emmanating from very difficult and painful episodes can be expressed. The arpilleras workshop organized by the Habitat International Coalition (HIC), with the support of the Latin American,...

Date published: 06-15-2011
This thesis is primarily based on fieldwork research conducted in Ecuador in the summer of 2010. It focuses on the experiences of resistance to large-scale mining of the Shuar nationality in the Cordillera del CĂłndor, in the Southeastern provinces of Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. The case against mining, as articulated by the Shuar, is framed in terms of past experience with extraction, as well as cultural considerations with respect natural resource management. By invoking collective...

Date published: 06-15-2011
How a neighbourhood organizes itself
Source: Kristin Schwierz
The inhabitants of Barrio Yungay in Santiago de Chile organised themselves successfully to protect their neighbourhood from neoliberal restructuring.

Date published: 06-14-2011
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