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Date published: 06-19-2017

The HLRD Campaign 2010 will focus on land issues, such as the violation of land rights, the social and spatial effects of mega events, monoculture and land grabbing, access to land for housing purposes in the countryside and in the cities, women and access to land, the right to remain on one's land after "natural" disasters. The target groups of the HLRD campaigns are twofold: the HIC members and the interested public through alternative media and HIC social base. As every year,...

Date published: 08-02-2010
A video has emerged showing French police forcibly removing migrant African women with infants during a protest over housing near Paris. At one point, a woman and her baby are dragged screaming along the ground

Date published: 07-30-2010
The General Assembly of the UN approved on Wednesday a resolution sponsored by Bolivia recognizing clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right.  The text of the resolution was presented by Bolivian Ambassador Pablo Solón, and it was ratified by 122 votes in favour and zero votes against. He said that 41 countries abstained from voting, among them the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Solón noted the significance of this measure because since 1984 the...

Date published: 07-30-2010
Why does the South African government continue to ignore the demands of the shack dwellers? Why does after all the marches, statements, reports and meetings, the Kennedy Road Settlement continue to get burnt?

Date published: 07-29-2010
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