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Date published: 04-21-2017

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Date published: 07-19-2010
Jagori is looking for 2 co-presenters for a panel on gender and essential services in low-income communities. This panel will be held at the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety: Building Inclusive Cities, November 22 – 24th 2010, New Delhi, India. You can find additional information about the conference at the following URL: https://www.qvc.qc.ca/womens-safety/Welcome.htm Jagori, a women’s group in New Delhi, India, is proposing to host a...

Date published: 07-19-2010
  As David Harvey said during the World Social Forum (WSF) in Belém, Brazil, in February 2009, the right to the city “is not simply the right to what already exists in the city, but the right to transform the city into something radically different.” It is a collective right, “much more than the individual freedom to access urban resources. It is the right to change ourselves by changing the city” (Harvey,...

Date published: 07-15-2010
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) received very disturbing information about permanent attack by authorities and structures of the ruling ANC against Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM). We are very concerned about the treatment of shack dwellers from the Kennedy Road settlement in Durban by the regional authorities.   We strongly support the demand of Abahlali baseMjondolo for an independent commission of inquiry and that the judicial process should be halted until such an enquiry has...

Date published: 07-09-2010
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