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Date published: 03-23-2017

Call for Contributions on Changing Rural-Urban Dynamics!
Source: Elene and Kuria, coordinators of the CSM Working Group on Urbanisation and Rural Transformation
On February 3rd, 2017 the Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) of the CFS on Urbanization and Rural Transformation (UR&RT) adopted a "Call for Experiences and Policy Approaches in Addressing Food Security and Nutrition in the Context of Changing Rural-Urban Dynamics”, which includes the template for submission of case studies in all UN official languages EN, ES, FR, RU, AR, CH. The aim of the CALL is to collect short summaries of experiences and policy approaches addressing food security and...

Date published: 03-09-2017
The report focuses on the "financialization of housing” and its impact on human rights. It examines structural changes that have occurred in recent years whereby massive amounts of global capital have been invested in housing as a commodity, as security for financial instruments that are traded on global markets, and as a means of accumulating wealth. The report assesses the effect of those historic changes on the enjoyment of the right to adequate housing and outlines an appropriate...

Date published: 03-06-2017
A massive shift of global capital investment has left homes empty and people homeless, argues Leilani Farha, UN special rapporteur for housing.

Date published: 03-06-2017
The General Assembly of HIC, held in Quito on October 16, 2016 has been an unprecedented example of solidarity, democratic participation and mutual commitment to continue working together. 157 participants from 26 countries and 74 member organizations reviewed the work of the Coalition in the last three years and planned together the future work of HIC.

Date published: 03-02-2017
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