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Water Logging in Dhaka after heavy Rainfall
Record rain in Dhaka inundates streets, hampers commuting, education, trade; 8 electrocuted; bus, ferry services disrupted
DHA’s Waterfront Development Project. Privatisation of Clifton Beach in Karachi
Support Program for Housing Improvement and Construction on Own Sites
Urban Rehabilitation in Viacha
Los Cortaderos: Mobilization, Organization and Training of a Semi-Rural Community
Lyari Expressway in Pakistan: Violence and Evictions
The Price of Development, Housing, Environment and People in Indian's Narmada Valley
Renters take over and transform and Indian slum settlement
Ganeshnagar, Poona
Community Action Planning: Processes - Ideas - Experiences
Manual for human rights based slum upgrading
Restructuring of Precarious Housing Areas. The Case of Sokoura, Aboisso



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