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  • Urgent Action Appeals
Urgent Appeal on Continued Eviction of Floating Hut Dwellers and Destruction of Their Floating Huts
Rally Poster: Azerbaijan
Rally Poster: Angola
Rally Poster: Cambodia
Urgent Action: Demolitions and Forced Eviction in Lubango City, Angola
Urgent Action Appeal: Homeless Threatened by “Sumida Nature Conservancy,”Arakawa City (Tokyo, Japan)Forced evictions, dispossession, illicit use of force, deprivation of the means of subsistence
EGYPT: Homes destruction and forced displacement in Imbaba neighborhood, Giza - IMMEDIATE ACTION is needed !!!!!!!
HIC-HLRN and the Egyptian Center for Civic and Legislative Reform launch a joint appeal for urgent action
Report on the outcome of the anti-eviction actions in Shibuya
A metal fence was erected to prevent entry to the premises, so people will no longer have space to sleep or rest in the Tokyo Children's Hall
Help us fight the eviction of homeless people from the Children’s Hall in Shibuya!!
Show your opposition to the temporary full enclosure at the Children’s Hall and the eviction of homeless persons that it represents.
Ted Anana passed away
We are sorry to inform that Ted Anana, our dear and best Housing Right Defender in the Philippines has passed away on May 29th 2011.



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