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Sign the petition to stop Shell from polluting the planet
Shell is one of the biggest climate polluters in the world. Friends of the Earth Netherlands together with over 17,000 Dutch citizens and 6 organisations who joined the case as co-plaintiffs (De Waddenvereniging, Young Friends of the Earth NL, BothENDs, Greenpeace NL, Fossielvrij NL and ActionAid NL) will be handing the court summons to Shell on the 5th of April 2019.
Rio 2016: the Exclusion Games
Dossier: Mega-Events and Human Rights Violations in Rio de Janeiro
New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope
China's government-led urbanization, meant to solve one problem, may be creating a new set of troubles that could plague Chinese cities for generations.
Pitfalls Abound in China’s Push From Farm to City
Articles in this series look at how China’s government-driven effort to push the population to towns and cities is reshaping a nation that for millenniums has been defined by its rural life.
Access to Transportation Denied in Many of Brazil’s World Cup Cities
Boycott Istanbul 2020
Brazil protests take to the pitch as People's Cup highlights evictions
Polis: #OccupyGezi Fights to Save Historic Istanbul Park
Urgent Call for Solidarity from Urban Movements Istanbul
UPA, Philippines - Invitation to the Forum on the new government flood control master plan



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