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  • Technical Areas of Housing
Urban Community Waste Management
A Sub-Saharan Region Study
Management of Urban Environment. A Study on Post-Plague Initiatives of Surat Municipal Corporation
Depleting Groundwater Levels and Increasing Fluoride Concentration in Villages of Mehsana District, Gujarat, India: Cost to Economy and Health
Project Report
Community Based Solid Waste Pilot Project in Luanda's Musseques
Social Mobilization for Sanitation Project
Tenement renters buy and rebuild their Mexico City homes
Peruvians redevelop their inner-city settlement
El Augustino Zone III
New homes and improved lives for Indonesian scavengers
Yayasan Sosial Soegiyapranata
Philippino squatters become secure home owners
Saarland Village I
A low-cost sewer system by low-income Pakistanis
Orangi Pilot Project



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