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  • Violations des droits au logement et à la terre
India. Press Release: ‘Housing for All’?
Over 33,000 Homes Demolished in Urban India between 2015 and 2016; RTI Reveals only 2,776 Houses Built under PMAY–Urban in 2015–16
Urgent Action to stop double persecution against Shuar communities and Accion Ecologica NGO in Ecuador
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European Tenants vs. Wall Street Landlords
Wall Street is Europe’s landlord, and tenants are fighting back.
Press Release. Forced Eviction in Delhi Renders over 1500 Homeless in the Winter Cold
Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN), India, strongly condemns the forced eviction and demolition of 250–300 homes in Kishangarh, Delhi during the winter.
Nubians Stage Open-ended Sit-in on the Road to their Original Villages
Statement of the Egyptian Center for Civil and Legislative Reform
HIC Condemns the Detention of the Mayors of Diyarbakir
Call for the Restitution and Respect of Human Rights and Democracy in Turkey
2016 Olympic Games: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see
Unfilled promises for Rio's ‪O‎lympics 2016‬ mimic the disorganization and corruption from the 2014 World Cup. Both games brought promises of meaningful transformations for Rio’s citizens, but instead ended up violating human rights, increasing public debt, and concentrating expensive infrastructure mostly in developed neighborhoods.
Do not keep silent: Communicate your case of eviction!
Deadline extended till August 15th 2016!
HIC at PrepCom3
Habitat International Coalition (HIC), represented by Joseph Schechla, HIC-Housing and Land Rights Network's (HIC-HLRN) coordinator and Shivani Chaudry, HIC-HLRN South Asia's (HIC HLRN SA) Executive Director, is involved in several initiatives to lobby for civil society's participation and input in the HIII process and the New Agenda that will emerge from it.
Standing up to TNC Land Grab in Sierra Leone
HIC-HLRN has joined over 40 civil society organizations to express deep concern over the impact of a monoculture agricultural project that involves the dispossession of the people living in Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District in Sierra Leone.



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