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  • Privatization
Maximum profits through mass-sells out of rental homes
In 2003 the Viterra AG, the biggest German landlord, improved its profits by 17,2 % to 289,8 Mio. Euro. Main reason was the sell of over 11.000 flats for industrial workers in the Ruhr district.
Growing movement in China against government land grabs
When the city of Zigong needed room for new apartments for its rising middle class, it took the farms, fish ponds, orchards and houses of the farmers on its outskirts. A decade later, the farmers say they got only a fraction of what would've been fair com
China's Land Law: An Overview
Since all land in the People's Republic of China ("PRC") belongs to the state, corporate entities and individuals are not permitted to own land although they may own the property above the land.
1,000 million people of the world do not have a decent home, is that the price of globalization?"
The process of economic globalization that the world lives in and the institutions that direct the progressive deterioration that they are going through -both developing countries such as those in the south- responsible for the policies of protection and the impulse for housing, says Miloon Kothari to the Forum´s "141 questions" (105).
Art of Rent seminar about the New International Division of Labour
The seminar series seek to promote a discussion on the rise of rent as a form of capitalist appropriation
Housing Rights for Tribal Communities
Solidarity Rally – “Stop the Demolitions!”
Wall Street Investors Are Putting Affordable Housing At Risk
City and State Pension Funds are Helping to Pay the Way
Call for Decentralised Days of Action for Squats and Autonomous Spaces
World Zero Evictions Day
Campaigns, Solidarity and Justice for Secure Housing and Land Rights



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