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  • Violations des droits au logement et à la terre
Italy: Police Beat Refugees During Eviction
Zimbabwe. Evictions in Manzou Farm
One million displaced in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai: UN
Over 400 families evicted in Chennai under the guise of ‘restoration of water bodies’ and disaster management’
Press Release. A Modern-Day Genocide is Unfolding in the Narmada Valley
Statement of Solidarity with the People of the Narmada Valley
New publication from India: Bengaluru's Continuing Inequity - An Eviction Impact Assessment of Ejipura/Koramangala
Spain eviction violated family’s human rights, UN experts find
Grenfell Tower is a terrible betrayal of human rights
The tragic fire remains a symbol of what has gone wrong in housing for poor people, despite my warnings to the UK government not to ignore human rights.
Solidarity Appeal against Tokyo Homeless Eviction
Urgent statement of protest against the total enclosure of Miyashita Park in Shibuya Ward



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