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  • Destruction of Housing
Urgent Action Appeal: Destruction of housing in the Negev desert
The Government of Israel demolished homes in the villages of Bir Hadaj and Wadi Mshash
Action "Tsima Ga Ku Aka" to Build Together in Mozambique
Question of the violation of human rights in the Occupied Arab Territories, including Palestine
Atlanta Housing Authority to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development
The Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) sent in five demolition applications to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) containing falsified documents, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. APN notified the City Council of Atlanta of this troubling revelation during the public comment period of the December 03, 2007, full Council meeting.
Forced evictions and desperate plight of homeless in Zimbabwe
Video and information about the conflict in Zimbabwe
Jordan Valley, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Palestine: Israel and parastatal institutions escalate dispossession of Palestinians
These violations require your urgent action. Source: HLRN
La Parota Dam Follow-up
Guerrero´s struggle against the construction of the Parota hydroelectric dam (Mexico)
BEIT ARABIYA Threatened with demolition for the fifth time in Israel
On February 7, 2007, a three judge panel of the Israeli Supreme Court (Justices Eliezer Rivlin, Ayala Procaccia and David Cheshin) heard the second appeal of Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh's appeal to have the 15-year demolition order on their home rescinded - a permanent order under which the family has had its home demolished four times. They also petitioned the Court to instruct the authorities to issue them a building permit. According to Labib Habib, the Shawamreh's lawyer, the hearing did not go well. A negative ruling is expected any day, and as soon as it is issued the Civil Administration, Israel's military government over the Occupied Territories, can order the home demolished for the fifth time.
Urgent Action: Violent demolition of 141 poor families living under bridges in Manila
Yesterday some 200 demolition crews of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) backed by armed police escorts and armed men in civilian clothes demolished the shanties of some 54 poor families living under a bridge on the South Superhighway in Paco, City of Manila.
Bangladesh Railway knocked down more than 1,500 shanties on Wednesday 24
Bangladesh Railway knocked down more than 1,500 shanties at two spots in the capital while the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) bulldozed several illegal structures at the diplomatic zone.



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