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Sanitation infrastructures, waste collection and recycling in Rufisque
Self-help re-settlement project in Fortaleza
Spain warned over construction boom
The United Nations has officially warned Spain that its "uncontrolled building programme" is excluding 25% of the population from owning their own homes, mainly due to the high prices.
Will China honour its Olympic promises?
"The Olympics is good for China... But it should not be used as an excuse to hurt ordinary citizens, to drive people from their homes.” A resident of Beijing's Qianmen district, whose home is to be demolished. When China won the 2008 Olympics bid in 2001, it promised to improve its human rights record. Beyond enhancing procedural safeguards in death penalty cases, that promise remains largely empty.
Human Settlements Caucus Statement
The NGO signatories to this statement, representing civil society organizations working at community levels around the world, have committed to support the recommendations of Agenda 21 (1992), HABITAT II (1996), and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
Botswana's bushmen battle for land
The bushmen, of Botswana's Kalahari are a people living in a place, and perhaps a time, that is no longer their own.
International Conference on Restructuring Large Housing Estates in Europe
Meeting on sustainable architecture and urban planning
World Environment Day
COHRE and HIC launch a report on the impacts of Plan Puebla Panama related-development projects on the right to housing and to land of rural and indigenous communities in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala
The implementation of the analysed projects of infrastructure, energy and tourism have increased land conflicts and social tension, affirm COHRE and HIC. Development projects must guarantee the respect and fulfillment of the human rights of the affected communities, recommend COHRE and HIC
Over 300,000 people to be forcefully evicted from Yamuna Pushta
In Delhi: 40,000 homes demolished so far



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