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  • Ger Based Violence
Women and the Right to Adequate Housing: Connections and Strategies Forward
In his 2005 Report on Women and Adequate Housing the Special Rapportuer notes “the prevalence of certain cultural norms that deprive women of their rights to land, inheritance and property, which in turn prevents them from accessing their right to adequate housing.” The interconnections between land and housing, the extent to which women’s right to adequate housing is dependent on the right to adequate land, and the impact of custom and culture on women’s access and ownership to housing and land were most evident in the testimonies given by local grassroots women at the Pacific Regional Consultations in October 2004.
Presentation by the Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing in the Women's Right to Adequate Housing and Land
Miloon Kothari's presentation in Barcelona's seminar
UN Special Rapporteurs call on states to invest in women and girls to ensure gender equality and prevent violence against women
International Women's Day
Habitat International Coalition wants to congratulate our friends, organizations and social actors that struggle so that everyone has the right to adequate housing without gender discrimination.
International Seminar on Women and Housing Rights: Building Habitat for Human Dignity
Press Release
Secretary-General Ban: "We cannot wait to end violence against women"
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today kicked off a multi-year global campaign bringing together the United Nations, governments and civil society to try to end violence against women, calling it an issue that “cannot wait.”
(ENG) A Message from Huairou Commission
Within the past several years, thanks to the efforts of committed citizens, active women's groups, Cities and UN agencies, the issue of women's safety has been placed on the international urban agenda.
India,100 women and children evicted from a night shelter in New Delhi
Policemen violently evicted around 40 homeless women and 60 children from the Palika Hostel night shelter in New Delhi, India. The eviction took place despite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh alleged assurances to civil society representatives that the she
Guatemala: Americas Social Forum Rejects Neoliberalism, Celebrates Resistance
The Third Americas Social Forum closed on Sunday with a massive rally from the Obelisk in Guatemala City's elite "Zona Viva," past the U.S. Embassy, to the National Palace on the main square in the center of town. With the participation of more than 7,000 delegates from throughout the Americas and Europe, the 6-day event condemned neoliberal economic policies, and pledged to build a better world.



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