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Bangladesh Railway knocked down more than 1,500 shanties on Wednesday 24
Bangladesh Railway knocked down more than 1,500 shanties at two spots in the capital while the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) bulldozed several illegal structures at the diplomatic zone.
London Olympic Housing Impacts
There is currently a multifaceted crisis in housing supply, particularly of affordable social housing. This has arisen from decades of the privatisation of the existing social housing stock combined with gross underfunding of new building. Into this crisis comes the Olympic games ‘gentrification’ effect to compond the crisis at the poor end. But agencies dealing with the homelesss are currently trying desperately to deal with another unplanned- for effect of the ‘enlargement’ of the housing market. Read the document " Probable impacts of the Lower Lea Valley Developments (particularly the Olympics phase) on tenants in privately rented accommodation," prepared from research by Martin Slavin.
U.N. Rights Experts Concerned Over Indian Dam Project
The United Nations human rights experts want India to stop the construction of the Narmada Valley dam project, which will submerge the homes and land of tens of thousands of people.
Sadar Sarovar Project : Activists’ Hunger Strike in Second Week
Because of decision by the Narmada Control Authority to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar dam from 110.64 metres to 121.92 metres.
Namada Valley: demand for halting the construction of the dam till the displaced people were resettled
According to environmental-activist Vandana Shiva, the struggle of Narmada Bachao Andolan had become a bigger issue than of displacement. "It is now an issue of wastage of water for entertainment complexes along the Sabarmati in Ahmedabad. It has now become an issue of precious water being used for genocidal agriculture policies. It is whether the people of India would be able to live in this land or will our land and water become inputs for globally profitable corporates. It is not just a struggle of last 20 years but a struggle of the next 20 years."
People's properties: Communities resist 'ugly' development
Whether it is against the megadam to be built over the Narmada River in India or the Kalabagh dam between Sindh and Punjab provinces in Pakistan, communities that share a legacy of oppression, social exclusion and economic deprivation vow to resist this aggressive brand of development.
A escobazo limpio
Las fuerzas oscuras del mundo parecen obsesionadas estos días con la limpieza urbana. El "embellecimiento urbano", obvio es decirlo, ha sido siempre un eufemismo orwelliano. En el tercer mundo urbano las personas pobres temen siempre los acontecimientos internacionales de alto nivel -conferencias, visitas de dignatarios, competiciones deportivas, concursos de belleza y festivales internacionales- que empujan a las autoridades a lanzar cruzadas de limpieza de la ciudad. Los habitantes de los barrios miserables saben que son lo "sucio", el "tizón" que sus gobiernos prefieren ocultar al mundo.
Effectees stages sit-in outside City Council Hall
KARACHI: A large number of communities displaced from their houses because of the construction of Lyari Expressway, staged a sit-in in front of the City Council Hall (KMC old building) on Thursday 19 January 2006.
Money for Lyari Expressway Project from Kuwait Development Fund
Already nearly 5,000 families have been evicted. Thousands of shops, schools, clinics, mosques and churches have been demolished. The resettlement site is very inadequate.
Large Dams In India -- Temples Or Burial Grounds?
How do we measure progress? How are lives improved by progress? Who benefits from -- and who suffers the consequences of -- progress? What happens with development" projects as the 3,000 dams in India’s Narmada River?



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