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Housing and Land Rights Crisis! 2004-06. Violations Escalating around the World. Housing and Land Rights Network
On the occasion of World Habitat Day, 2006, Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is reporting on global trends in housing and land rights violations. This initiative, in cooperation with HIC members and structures, arose from the urgent need to highlight the struggles experienced at the local level, as well as to understand how these struggles are linked at the global level. It is intended that this report, based on the best available information, marks one step in a continuing process emphasizing the interconnectivity among seemingly disparate factors.
Global Coalition Announces Campaign to Stop Forced Evictions and Privatization of Housing and Land. News Advisory
Decrying a sharp increase in massive forced evictions caused by mega-development schemes and property speculation across the planet, the Habitat International Coalition (HIC) will announce a global campaign to "Stop Forced Evictions and Privatization of Housing and Land” in Montevideo and in London on October 2, with worldwide actions scheduled throughout October.
German companies face scrutiny on social issues
DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Deutsche Bank and Germany's other global companies can in future expect to be scrutinised more closely on whether their pledgesto behave more responsibly on social and environmental issues are borne out in reality.
Globalization of socialisation struggles
While world's leading powers continue to force the planet to implement a deregulated global economy which is totally based on free market competition between private investors and property owners, the social and ecological costs are becoming more and more catastrophic.
Statement of the President of Habitat International Coalition (HIC). World Habitat Day 2006
This year the United Nations Habitat Program (UN-Habitat) invites the world to celebrate Habitat Day with the theme: “Cities, Magnets of Hope.” For its part, HIC and other international networks have called on their constituencies and communities throughout the world to organize broad mobilization against evictions and forced displacements and growing processes of privatization of land, social housing, water, and other basic services.
HIC welcomes People’s Initiative for safe Homes and Jobs in North-Rhine-Westphalia
Habitat International Coalition (HIC) welcomes the people's initiative for safe homes and jobs in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, as an important step for the reinforcement of resistance against world-wide plundering of our housing stocks, cities and villages by miss-guided neo-liberal politics and completely dis-embedded global financial markets.
Cambodia-authorities evict 1,000 families to make way for private development
The Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) has received disturbing news from Cambodian organization, The Community Legal Education Center, of mass evictions occurring in the Bassac area (Group 78) of Phnom Penh. Your URGENT action is requested.
Assets and Struggles: 30 years after Vancouver Habitat Forum
Highlights of the civil society roundtable at the III World Urban Forum towards realizing the Right to Adequate Housing, sustainable habitat and inclusive cities. CSOs call on UN Habitat to recognize the critical role of civil society by enhancing its relationship with civil society organizations, improving its structures and mechanisms that allow for a meaningful exchange with civil society and working with CSOs in education, standard-setting and monitoring of international housing and human rights standards.
Impacts on human settlements derived from global political and economical changes
By Fernando Jiménez Cavieres
US Company buying German Housing
German cities are lining up for a mammoth wave of foreign investment in their property. Lured by a German real estate market that is the most stagnant in any major European country, and a vast supply of well-kept public housing, American and other foreign companies have already snapped up dozens of projects in Berlin, Bremen, Essen and other German cities.



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