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  • Privatization
DHA’s Waterfront Development Project. Privatisation of Clifton Beach in Karachi
Condominiums projects ousting low-income tenants in Los Angeles
Restructuring New Delhi's Urban Habitat, Building an Apartheid City. A Report on the Resettlement process of Delhi, India
To build prosperity, or to punish the poor?
Dhana Valley Natural Preserve: Human Rights and Community Development
Tenants’ movements against speculation and privatization of social housing
Struggle to defend and renew a public swimming hall
Cash-strapped German councils are selling their homes to private investors
How the shift from not-for-profit provider to moneymaking venture is affecting communities
International Conference « SPATIAL JUSTICE », University of Paris X, Nanterre, March 12-14-2008.
Spatial justice is the ultimate goal of many planning policies. This idea has held such way that some have even argued that planning and the search for spatial justice are equivalent . The diversity of definitions of “justice” (and of the possible “social contracts” that legitimate them), however, has meant that the political objectives of planning can be quite different and even contradictory. It has become essential therefore that the question of spatial justice be reopened and freshly debated.
RIGHTs, not REITs!
German Tenants and International Housing Rights Coalition demand Right to Housing instead of Right to Profit
A new network: Clean Water for all!
Despite the devastating record of water privatisations in Africa, international aid donors and governments continue to promote participation as the solution to Africa's water crisis, says African Water Network organiser Al Hassan Adam.



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