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HIC at the World Social Forum 2018
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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
03-13-2018 / 03-17-2018
The World Social Forum (WSF 2018) will take place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, from 13 to 17 of March. The main territory will be the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), but the WSF will spread through the public, cultural and peripheral spaces of the city. It will have seminars, plenary sessions, workshops, cultural activities, conferences, marches and acts through the city.

Resistance Encounter

The dreams of humanity today are confronted with the fundamentalisms of wars and xenophobia and systems of domination with their new ways of striking liberties and democracies.The ability to resist is violently challenged. That is why the organizations and movements aligned with the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum again call themselves together to gather their diversity of struggles and join forces for resistance.

Salvador 2018 will be this moment of encounter: horizontal, self-managed, determined.If you agree with the WSF Charter of Principles, you are already a part of it. Contribute, in person or at a distance.The Salvador meeting will be networked, with everyone who wants to participate.

List of activities organized by HIC's Members and Allies. (This information will be continuously updated):

1. Lutas e Pr?ticas coletivas do Direito ? Cidade: Neoliberalismo Urbano ou Vida em Comum?

Date:?8:00, 14 March
Place:?Faculdade de Arquitetura - Audit?rio 2
Organizers:?Grupo de Pesquisa Lugar Comum (Brasil)

2. Nuestros cuerpos, nuestros barrios, nuestros territorios. Construyendo perspectivas feministas de y desde los debates sobre el derecho a la ciudad

Date:?11:00, 14 March
Place:?PAF I - Sala 208
Organizers:?Madre Tierra (Argentina)

3. How to advance in the implementation of the Right to the City?Training workshop based on Brazilian and International Experiences.

Date:?9:00 ? 12:00, 15 March
Place:?PAF VI - Sala 4
Organizers:?Brazilian Institute of Urban Law and the Global Platform for the Right to the City

4. Produ?ao Social da Moradia: resist?ncia contra a mercantiliza?ao da casa e da cidade

Date:?9:00, 15 March
Place:?PAF VI - Sala 5
Organizers:?Uniao Nacional Por Moradia Popular

5. Acordo Mercosul-UE: negocia?oes em regime de urg?ncia

Date:?9:30, 15 March
Place:?Geoci?ncias Audit?rio A
Organizers:?Rosa Luxemburgo NY (EEUU)

6. Reinvent the city! Public Activity on the Right to the City from a Global Perspective

Date:?16:00, 15 March
Place: Terreiro de Jesus - centro hist?rico de Salvador
Organizers:?Global Platform for the Right to the City

7. Taller 10: Por una Frente de Resistencia Urbana para la construcci?n de territorios de Bien Vivir y Vida Digna en Am?rica Latina

Date:?16:30, 15 March
Place: Tenda Novos Paradigmas
Organizers: Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Teto ? MTST.

8. Moradia ? central

Date:14:00, 16 March
Place:?Faculdade de Arquitetura - Audit?rio 1
Organizers:?Uni?o Nacional Por Moradia Popular

9. Desemprego em massa e trabalho informal: organiza?ao pol?tica para resistir e construir alternativas futuras

Date:14:00, 16 March
Place:?Geoci?ncias Audit?rio A
Organizers:?StreetNet Internacional

10. Mulheres da Moradia na constru?ao do Direito ? Cidade

Date:?16:00, 16 March
Place:?PAF I - Sala 206
Organizers:?Uni?o Nacional Por Moradia Popular

11. Extractivismo Urbano - Impacto del capitalismo en las ciudades en nuestro continente

Date:?15:30, 16 March
Place:?Geoci?ncias - Audit?rio A
Organizers: Centro de Estudios y Acci?n por la Igualdad CEAPI (Argentina)

12. Convergence Session on the Right to the City - Strategies and Perspectives for Global and Regional Action

Date:?18:00, 16 March
Place:?Faculdade de Arquitetura - Audit?rio 2
Organizers: Global Platform for the Right to the City

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