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Villeneuve de Grenoble. The Week of the Transition
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Villeneuve de Grenoble
03-07-2017 / 03-12-2017

Source: the organizers

Since more than a decade, the southern district of Grenoble are at the heart of a broad urban change. The cours de l'Europe is getting densifying, a new Flaubert neighborhood is being built up while the emblematic Villeneuve popular district is under a urban renewal. This projects have been limited by the Great Recession (2007-2010) and also the inhabitants in Villeneuve have struggled against urban project imposed on them. Amid the Popular Urbanism Workshop (APU) they have stated: «what is done for the inhabitants without them is actually done against them». They have set up a project for social, ecological and economical change. And the struggle goes on whereas various buildings and facilities are threaten with destruction...

Grenoble municipality organizes a Cities in Transition Biennale from the 7th to 12th of March. It is an opportunity to make together our decisions for our districts. Transition can't be under taken without us. Villeneuve has already started change, as many social and political experimentations have since forty years gradually spread collective agency and social learnings laying at the basis of transition. Today this experimentations take shape in workshops, assemblies, gardening, social pedagogy, local independent media, university local involvement and so on...

Of course, broader phenomena also impact our neighborhood transformation, such as financialization, the «smart city» in Grenoble, gentrification and metropolization defining the neoliberal city paradigma. Real estate company strongly invest in house building and share in a global speculation, ending up in social housing demolition and inhabitants eviction. This goes along with urban facilities privatization through the smart city lobbyingas shown by the Linky electricity counters providing data to the private sector. Regarding metropolization, one can wonder if it is compatible with transition principles, since the way it develops today shows a lack of democracy.

Struggling against neoliberal city is not enough, we have to voice new claimings and set up alternatives based on our daily practices. Fighting against evictions means claiming the right to housing. Fighting against urban segregation means claiming the right to the city. Against privatization and austerity means claiming for the commons. Fighting against top down urban project means proposing alternatives project for education, housing, social and cultural facilities and public spaces. Inhabitants have organized themselves to get involved into transition through campaigns and advocacy planning.

It is time to gather our forces throughout our various networks!

A «week of transition in Villeneuve» is being organized off the «Cities in Transition Biennale» and the«Right to the City Encounters» are being organized off the «Geopolitics festival in Grenoble School of Management» focused this year on the «power of the cities».

Both events will take place from the the 7th to the 12th of March and you are most welcome to join us.

Our guidelines will be discuss the right to housing and the right to the city and the resistances and alternatives to financialization, the «Smart City» and metropolization. We intend to enhancenational citizen campaigns (Pas Sans Nous, Appui, DAL...), alliances and coalitions between movements and cities at the european scales (European coalition for the right to housing and the city, new municipalism & european Alternatives...) and the debate around the implementation of the New Urban Agenda with the Global Plataform for the Right to the City.

If you want to attend this week or share in a way or another, please contact us: asso.planning@gresille.org

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