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Online Forum: Urban Land Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean
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01-23-2017 / 02-24-2017
The Land Tools Urban Cluster – LAC, part of GTLN / UN-HABITAT, Habitat for Humanity’s Solid Ground Campaign, the Land Portal Foundation, and partners invite you to participate in the following online debate from January 23rd to February 24th.

The online discussion will address the issue and its causes, the challenges and opportunities for change, and the tools available to the land community to build an evidence base to prevent and mediate urban land conflicts. The online debate aims at collectively generating and capturing knowledge that often remains inaccessible to a variety of land community stakeholders. It also aims at connecting people, organizations and existing knowledge, to help identify entry points, synergies and opportunities for collaboration, building on lessons learned from across the region towards changes in land policies, systems and practices.

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• Housing and Land Rights / Right to Adequate Housing   

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