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Dakar. 1st Regional Africa Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development
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10-03-2016 / 10-04-2016

This event will be the third regional meeting of the PFD and the first one taking place in Africa. It will present an opportunity to discuss and debate on issues of interest at this crucial time and prepare the agenda for the Global PFD meeting in March 2017.

The Policy Forum on Development (PFD) is the result of a Structured Dialogue, which brings together Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) from the European Union and partner countries with European Institutions and bodies. This section provides key information on the PFD main objectives, members and mandate. - See more at: http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/policy-forum-development/minisite/about-pfd#sthash.OfgDTrpp.LTMhU2Zh.dpuf

* Click here to download the draft of the agenda.


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