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France. From COP21 to Habitat III, local governments and citizens at the heart of the challenges
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Saint- Denis, Stade de France- Door E - 21, av. Jules-Rimet
12-05-2015 / 12-05-2015
UCLG World Council Special & Open Session

UCLG World Council Special & Open Session

From COP21 to Habitat III: Local Governments and Citizens at the Center of the Challenges

5 December 2015, 9h00- 12h30

Saint- Denis, Stade de France- Door E-21, av. Jules-Rimet

Compulsory online registration [here]

What challenges does world’s urbanization raise regarding climate change? How to implement the ecological transition in cities through an active citizenship?

Meanwhile the Heads of State meet at COP21 to decide the world’s future, Plaine Commune urban community invites Mayors and citizens from all over the world to question our urban development model’s sustainability and to vindicate concrete local alternatives to climate change.

According to the UN, in 2050, 70% of world’s population will be living in cities. Since GIEC’s rapport acknowledges that cities are the main emitters of greenhouse gases, is the current urbanization model compatible with our planet’s future? How do we ensure environmental rights for all?

This UCLG World Council Open Session aims to be a link between the COP21 and the forthcoming UN Habitat III Summit (Quito, October 2016), as well as to contribute to political agenda for a fair, solidarity and sustainable urban development.

In the presence of:

Local Governments

· The Mayor of Saint-Denis (metropolis of Paris, France), Didier Paillard

· The President of Plaine Commune (metropolis of Paris, France), Patrick Braouezec

· The Mayor of Barcelona (Spain), Ada Colau

· The Mayor of Madrid (Spain), Manuela Carmena

· The Mayor of Gwangju (South Korea), Jang-hyun Yoon -TBC

· The Deputy Mayor for Social Equity of Toronto (Canada), Pam McConnell

· The Mayor of Pikine (metropolis of Dakar, Senegal), Abdoulaye Thimbo

· ...

Civil Society

· Habitat International Coalition

· Montréal Urban Ecology Center

· Climat 21 Coalition

· Observatori DESC

· Alternatiba Movement

· Fondation pour le progrès de l'Homme

· ...

Location and Access

For participants of the World Council, the City of Paris will offer a bus in order to attend this session (to know the schedule, click here). For further detail on the seminar’s location, click here.

You can download here the event's presentation and the invitation letter from Patrick Braouezec, President of Plaine Commune.

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