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Aitec Publication - Housing in Europe: Time to Evict the Crisis
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Author: Charlotte Mathivet (Editor)

This special issue of Passerelle coordinated by Aitec was originally imagined as a revised edition of the 2008 issue, entitled "Europe pas sans toit”  ("Actions against a Homeless Europe” ), which presented an overview of the situation of housing in Europe. In 2008, the crisis and its impact on housing were already a topic discussed in the issue, given that the subprime crisis had just taken place. Four years later, we believed it was important to call upon some of the authors in the previous issue as well as to contact others, to show the devastating impact of this «crisis» on inhabitants and their living environment.

By providing a critical analysis of the crisis, viewed through the perspective of housing and from a European angle, we hope we were able to successfully avoid the pitfall of cliché – even though the term is omnipresent in the media and in political discourse –, and that we have succeeded in taking up the twofold challenge we had defined: to place the question of housing at the centre of the analysis of the crisis, and to deconstruct the dominant narrative on the reasons for the crisis.

Charlotte Mathivet coordinated this issue of Passerelle. She is a political scientist and a Right to Housing and Right to the City activist. She works at Aitec and the international network Habitat International Coalition (HIC).

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